Jennings Carnegie Public Library


The Jennings Carnegie Public Library has a number of interesting collections that we invite you to come and see.

The Historic Jennings Photo Collection

The library has a large collection of photos of Jennings dating from its founding to the 1950s. This collection is partially contained in a book that the library has for sale and can be purchased by clicking on the Store link above. You may also view a sampling of the photo collection by clicking on this link: Historic Jennings Photographs

The Birth of Jennings

A three-volume collection of historical pictures and articles collected by Mr. Walter D. Morse and edited by Hugh Guilbeau.

The Birth of Jennings Volume 1

The Birth of Jennings Volume 2

The Birth of Jennings Volume 3

The Morse Collection

A collection of shells, photographs and other historical items of interest from Mr. L.L. Morse.

The Jennings Newspaper Collection

The Jennings papers have been digitized and are available for public use by clicking on the following links. Two different providers digitized the newspapers, so there is some overlap in the dates covered. There is no login for the newspapers from 1894 to 1929. For the newspapers from 1914 to 2014 covered by the second link, the login is public and password is the word “public” without the quotation marks. Please note that for this second group of newspapers, there is some functionality that may be on the web page but does not work. This is beyond the control of the Jennings Carnegie Library as an external provider did the web page.

Click here for digitized newspapers from 1894 to 1929

Click here for digitized newspapers from 1914 to 2014

The Ron Wilkinson Postcard Collection

Jennings native, Dr. Ron Wilkinson, has donated to the library his collection of postcards of Jennings. These can be seen beautifully framed in the new library annex.

The High School and College Yearbook Collection

Jennings High School Yearbook Collection: 1909, 1910, 1915, 1922, 1923, 1950, 1951, 1958 and 1959, 1961-1969,1972,73-75,79. We would welcome donations of ones we don't have (all '30's, '40's, and '80's)